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In theory a Main Dealer has a lot of advantages over an Independent Garage like Box Hill. They should have more up to date information and facilities specific to your car. They have access to information from the manufacturer and to a wide range of parts for those vehicles.

In practice it’s not so simple. To service/maintain/repair the modern vehicle you need technical expertise, ability, facilities, diagnostic equipment, but in the end the attitude of the technician and the organisation they are part of is crucial.  Many Main Dealers operate bonus schemes where they incentivise their technicians to work quicker.

Does this mean they are better technicians, or that corners are cut?  At Box Hill Garage we don’t operate such bonus schemes.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers.  We get to know you and your vehicle so we can sensibly adapt servicing to suit your needs.  Maybe you only drive it once or twice a month, maybe you are in it all day, every day.  Whichever way you use your vehicle, we make sure the service matches.  Fast fit centres offer servicing as well, and they can be cheaper than Box Hill, however all garage businesses exist to make money.

Fast fit service/repair centres claim to save you money because they can supply parts (e.g. tyres, exhausts and batteries) cheaper and/or they don’t charge for fitting (or maybe they make a fixed charge).  What this means is that they attempt to reduce labour costs and increase sales of parts.  There are two ways to reduce labour costs; use less labour and use less skilled labour.  We don’t need to discuss the risks in either of those approaches.

At Box Hill we use our skill to provide you with a quality service and thorough work.  We don’t hide this and in fact we want you to know that what you are paying for is better work that will make your car safer, more economical and less hassle to you.

Have you heard other garages saying they have “Fully Qualified Technicians”?  In our opinion there is no such thing as Fully Qualified.  Cars and the equipment used to diagnose and repair the modern vehicle today change all the time, therefore the motor trade is something that is constantly evolving. That’s why our technicians are continually trained and encouraged to gain as many qualifications as possible and we are constantly adding to our tools and equipment.

We believe our attitude, skill level, facilities, continued investment in our staff, equipment and attention to detail is unmatched.  We never compromise on our skill or quality of parts that we fit and we believe equipment should never be a substitute for knowledge.

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Commitment to our Customers

Box Hill Garage commits to offer honest repair advice about the condition of their vehicles, offer repair options based on need, and ensure that customer vehicles are repaired properly and professionally the first time, with original equipment parts.

Treat our customers and their cars with the highest regard and to offer superior customer relations, keep open lines of communication with our customers to ensure that their cars are diagnosed and repaired correctly and efficiently, and to address any and all customer concerns.

Offer a clean and comfortable environment to our customers, to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way.

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