Engine diagnostics at Box Hill Garage

Box Hill Garage provide car diagnostics for all makes and models of cars.  Contact us for a free quote today.


At Box Hill Garage we have made heavy investment in the latest diagnostic tools, and staff training to make sure that we are your one-stop shop for all types of fault finding and repairs on all petrol and diesel engines.

From strange noises coming from the car to internal problems with the electrical systems - we can identify all faults. We then asses the best way to fix your car depending on your specifications and budget.

A lot of the time a fault can be flagged up by a light appearing on the dashboard.  If your dashboard has a light flashing on it do not hesitate to bring it down so we can get started.

Our diagnostic service include: 

  • Battery systems testing
  • Injector testing & cleaning
  • ECU repairs
  • Forced induction diagnostics
  • Engine management faults
  • Complete vehicle diagnostics

State of the art equipment

Due to the increased level of sophistication of the computer controlled management system, the days of home fault finding are long gone.

The average motorist cannot afford the specialist equipment needed to diagnose engine light, airbag or abs system faults.

We Can Handle Any Kind of

Vehicle Needs!

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